Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Welcome to The Main Event

We’ve never wanted our shows to be normal.

In fact, we strive to make them exciting, passionate, bold, and inspiring. We don’t want our concert to be just another rock show. We want it to impact lives and lead people to an encounter with God.

So we decided that we would do something different.

Welcome to The Main Event.

The Main Event - A one night event created with the intention of inspiring students to come alive in their purpose in Christ. With driving, energetic music, videos, testimonies, challenges, and a call to step up and be who we were made to be, The Main Event presents the Gospel through a relevant and passionate worship event.

We would love to send you a packet describing exactly what will be happening at the event. If you're interested please email danyaband@hotmail.com - here's a preview of the pdf file :)

We're excited to change the world with you!

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